The Louvre, Overton Beach Park and the Curtain of Regularity

The Louvre, Overton Beach Park and the Curtain of Regularity

The Louvre, Overton Beach Park and the Curtain of Regularity

The late author Aldous Huxley, best known for “Brave New World,” once said, “Most humans beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.”

After living in Moncks Corner for the first 21 years of my life, I have recently come to the conclusion that he is correct. I have become disengaged with some of the valuable components of my life. 

Growing up in a small town that has a lot to offer can be compared to being born and raised in the Louvre (you know, the famous art museum in Paris in which the Mona Lisa is housed, staring into a constant sea of camera lenses and tourists). 

Throughout the first few years of Louvre life, you’d remain in a constant state of bewilderment and awe, venturing its every inch, standing in front of some pieces for countless hours in order to admire their magnificence. But as the years pass, the masterpieces are draped with a curtain of regularity, disallowing the native eye to recognize their beauty for anything more than a mundane canvas on a wall.

My first visit to Lake Moultrie was before my birth when my pregnant mother carried me there in 1996. I’ve visited as an ignorant infant, a bleach blonde toddler, a subpar tricycle rider, a just licensed driver, and an attendee of a close friend’s wedding. Lake Moultrie and I are no strangers. In fact, we’ve developed quite the relationship. Over the years, it has become part of me and of my friends.

It wasn’t until I was swimming in the lake a few days ago that I was struck by the sight of a sunset and realized the same curtain of regularity from the Louve had made its way from France to Moncks Corner, South Carolina. The curtain had been there for who knows how long but was quickly removed as I realized how striking the area truly was. I had just been taking it for granted.

You, too, can experience Lake Moultrie at Santee Cooper’s Overton Beach Park. Pull the curtain aside. Walk on the beach and look at the sunset. Let your children romp on the beachfront  playground. We are lucky to have access to this Lowountry gem.

A special thank you to the Santee Cooper employees who help maintain Overton Beach Park, most of who are college students like me. For more information about the park, go to

Author Aaron Grant

Aaron Grant

Aaron Grant is currently a sophomore at Clemson University where he is studying graphic communications. Aaron’s infatuation with incorporating a creative mindset into the everyday workplace is what led him to an internship at Santee Cooper in the Cooperate Communications Department. He will be helping the Corporate Communications team on multiple projects. Though he will be doing a little bit of everything, Aaron’s primary focus will be in capturing and editing videos that will be distributed to the company in various forms. He is eager to learn as much information as possible about video production while also learning the structure of a major, successful company such as Santee Cooper. Although this is Aaron’s first summer working at Santee Cooper, he is no stranger to the company. His father, John Grant (Vector Management Supervisor), has been working for Santee Cooper for 24 years.

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