Santee Cooper Cares (from the new kid)

Santee Cooper Cares (from the new kid)

Santee Cooper Cares (from the new kid)

I’ve been working here at Santee Cooper for just more than a month now. The main thing I’ve learned right from the beginning is, Santee Cooper cares. It cares that its people are the right people and that they treat people right. 

The same position had opened up about five years ago. I was told then they were going to hire from within. Then, I thought, “That’s a good company. They take care of their people.” Shortly after that, I went to work at United Way of Horry County where I learned not only did Santee Cooper take care of their people, but they havegood people. 

I was the marketing director at United Way and responsible for coordinating our Day of Caring, a day where 300 volunteers work in projects at nonprofit organizations around the county. One-third of our volunteers came from Santee Cooper. One hundred volunteers from one company alone and all of them were happy to do whatever we needed.

Fast forward to May 2018, when I stepped into this role. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful. As part of my training, I was given the pleasure of working across departments. Was that eye opening!

I sat in the Customer Care Center with Jessica, a sweet mom from Aynor who really knows her stuff. The phone didn’t stop ringing. People who needed a little more time to pay their bill, some who wanted to sign up for the new customer service website and mobile app, even some of our co-workers were on the line, one after another. Jessica had the answers to all of their questions and left every customer satisfied. Seriously, every one. After lunch, I sat with Catherine who spent an hour with an older gentleman trying to sign up on the new My Energy Link on the website. Before I left, she even called him back just to make sure he had everything set up as needed. I thought, “How sweet was that?” But as I learned, that’s how all of our employees treat our customers.

I then had the pleasure to meet Vicky and her team at the Myrtle Beach Retail Office. Her laugh fills the room and she’ll help anyone with anything. It carries over to the staff. Smiles everywhere, happy to help, happy to listen and hear each customer’s story was the norm there.

These are just a couple examples of the way I’ve seen Santee Cooper employees treat others. There are about 1,700 people who work at Santee Cooper. Besides being highly involved with United Way, many of them volunteer across the area, from football coach, to church, to other nonprofits. Putting people first is what they’re all about.

I hope this explains why I say Santee Cooper cares. Come back and read more in August to see what I’ve learned from linemen, at the generating station, and more!  It’s an exciting time for this decade-long customer and now new employee.

Author Tracy Vreeland

Tracy Vreeland

Tracy Vreeland joined Santee Cooper in May 2018, coming from a Myrtle Beach advertising agency. Prior to that she worked at United Way of Horry County. A University South Carolina graduate, she majored in electronic journalism and has worked in television news gathering at several stations. A New Jersey native, Tracy enjoys hanging with her son, Oliver, and daugther, Vienna, running, volunteering, going to the beach and watching the New York Giants and USC Gamecocks.

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