A Shiny, New Website

A Shiny, New Website

A Shiny, New Website

We are thrilled we’re able to present to you a shiny, brand new website today. We have been working hard on the look, feel and functionality of the new website for you, our customers, and we’re excited to unveil it.

It’s amazing what happens behind the scenes. Work has been taking place for months. We’ve been scrutinizing the look and size of the images, the ease of navigation, the clarity of our information and ways to make your experience online easier. We’re doing all of this for one reason – you, our customers.

We’ve already rolled out this year the new My Energy Link (MEL),  which provides you with information on your account and different ways to pay your bill. You also can find information on how much energy you use, how your usage compares to last year and other customers, and ways you can save energy and money, among other cool features. If you haven’t signed up for MEL  yet, it’s time for you to check it out. (And if you’re an e-Billing customer, it’s very important that you un-enroll from the old system. You can find more info here.)

I understand MEL is something new to learn and it will take time to get used to it. However, MEL gives you much more information than our old way of doing things and, as they say, information is power (no pun intended).

OK, back to the new website … In addition to having a cleaner, newer look, the site is responsive, which means the pictures and text will adjust to the size of your desktop, tablet and mobile phones. We’ve also focused more on the customer experience with easier, more direct access to accounts and services from the homepage. Plus, we’ve updated and streamlined information on each page.

While we’re doing our best to anticipate any glitches, we know there may be a few bugs to work out. Please be patient with us while we fix the glitches.

We also want to hear from you! Let me know what you think about the new site – the look, the feel, the ease of use, and if it helps you as a customer.

Author Nicole Aiello

Nicole Aiello

Nicole Aiello is Santee Cooper's director of public relations. She's been working in PR since 1997. After paying her dues in the Big Apple, she decided sun, sand and surf were preferable to shoveling snow, so she made her way to South Carolina. Nicole's professional experience ranges from the celebrity and entertainment industry to tourism, nonprofit and government communications. Nicole, who holds a bachelor of science from Ohio University's Scripps School of Journalism, currently calls Mount Pleasant home. 

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