How Smart Thermostats Work to Regulate Temperatures — and Save You Money

How Smart Thermostats Work to Regulate Temperatures — and Save You Money

How Smart Thermostats Work to Regulate Temperatures — and Save You Money

Ever wondered how a smart thermostat works? With an internet connection and an associated app, these devices give you increased control over your home’s heating and cooling system — and can help you save money. Plus, Santee Cooper offers a $50 rebate to customers who install qualified smart thermostats.

An advanced alternative

With a traditional thermostat, you set a temperature, and your HVAC system works to maintain it. A more advanced option, the programmable thermostat, lets you set different temperatures at different times of the day.

Representing an even bigger technological leap, the smart thermostat connects to the internet wirelessly, enabling you to view and control temperature settings from anywhere with an app. Vacationing and forgot to turn down the thermostat? Coming home and want to warm the house? With a smart thermostat, you can make these adjustments from anywhere.

A learning curve

Taking the advances to another level, some of the latest smart thermostats even use artificial intelligence to learn your home’s heating and cooling patterns. They’ll detect when you’re home and away, learn your temperature preferences, anticipate weather changes and more, then automatically adjust your HVAC settings to both keep you comfortable and save energy.

A comfortable return

While smart thermostats can carry high up-front costs, with some costing over $300, the savings they generate can pay off. A 2015 study by Nest, a leading smart thermostat producer, found that consumers who installed the devices saved an average of 10%-12% on their annual heating costs, and about 15% on their annual cooling costs!

Want to make your home more efficient and boost home automation with a smart thermostat? Learn more about smart thermostats — and whether you might qualify for a rebate from Santee Cooper when you install one — on the For My Home page of our website.

Author Jim Rabon

Jim Rabon

Jim Rabon, a registered professional engineer, is the manager of conservation and energy efficiency. He has been leading Santee Cooper’s energy management team for three years, helping customers conserve energy, reduce their power expenses through energy efficiency and conservation, and take advantage of Solar Rooftop and Community Solar programs. In his 34-year Santee Cooper career, Jim has worked in transmission planning, distribution planning, geographic information systems, substation electrical design and distribution project design.

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