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Santee Cooper’s New CheckOut Program Makes Paying Your Bill A Breeze
Check Us Out

Santee Cooper’s mission is to be a leading resource for improving the quality of life for the people of South Carolina. One way we are fulfilling this mission is by providing our customers with a variety of ways to do business with us.

When I think of paying my credit cards or buying a new pair of shoes, I immediately think of mobile apps and online portals. Conversely, when I think of paying my utility bills, I still think of writing checks, buying envelopes, searching for stamps and dropping my payments in the mail.

Utilities have never been described as “cutting edge” when it comes to interacting with their customers; however, times are changing, and we are too.

Did you know we recently launched a new service that will allow you to pay your electric bill with cash while standing in line at several different national retailers? You can buy toothpaste, cat food, pick up your prescription and pay your electric all at the same time.

Look closely at your electric bill this month. 

Did you see the barcode printed on the second page? That barcode has been designed exclusively for you to be able to use our new program “CheckOut.” 

Simply take your utility bill with the barcode (or you can take a pic of it on your phone) and present it to the clerk when you “CheckOut” at CVS, 7-Eleven, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Fred’s or Speedway. Your payment will be immediately posted to your Santee Cooper electric account (whether you are a pre-pay or traditional customer).  You can also access your barcode by visiting us online here.

Just like that. No more looking for stamps. No more fighting traffic. Pay your bill at the places you shop every day. 

Need more details on our new payment option? Check us out on the web, or give us a call at 1-800-804-7424.

Author Jessica Yourko

Jessica Yourko

Jessica Yourko is Santee Cooper's CIS Business Analyst and has worked with Retail Operations since 2001. She graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 1997 with a bachelor's in marketing and received her MBA from Winthrop University in 2006. Jessica is proud native of Horry County. She lives in Myrtle Beach with her husband and two children. In her free time, you can find Jessica soaking up the sun while she works on some project that likely involves fabric, paint or a glue gun.

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