Santee Cooper Payment Plan Options

Santee Cooper Payment Plan Options

Santee Cooper Payment Plan Options

When we celebrated the New Year with new goals and plans in mind, none of us imagined 2020 would encompass such a range of uncertainties. While we at Santee Cooper navigate our new normal, our customers continue to be our main focus and we strive to help you maneuver these challenging and unfamiliar situations.

With changes happening daily, we all look for consistency in this new way of doing business. I have found that having options and stability provides me the most comfort. This is what we strive to do for our customers when it comes to billing and payment options.

Need stability?

Check out our budget billing options. We take your 12-month average from past utility bills and give you a consistent bill for the next 12 months. This provides stability for your home or small business finances to know what your utility bill will be for the next 12 months. You have bigger things to worry about at this time than how much your next bill will be.

Need more time?

We offer this, too! Payment extensions may be available if you need a few additional days to pay your bill. Still need more time? We offer payment arrangement options for up to six months to help you get back on track. If eligible, we will divide your account balance by the number of payments arranged and add this amount to your monthly bills. With the world changing around us, adjustments can be made to help you get back on track.

Still need more options?

Pre-paying is a great option to pay as you go. Add funds to your PrePay account and your electric use will be deducted from this amount. Once you are low on funds, you reload your account. This is a great way to manage your electricity usage and stay on track with your budget.

A Better Way to Pay

Going in public places isn’t a quick trip anymore, and it can be stressful to follow all protocols set in place. A great option to pay your bill without leaving the comforts of your home or business is by using My Energy Link – better known as MEL. With MEL, you can view your bill and your current balance, and make a payment without a mask, gloves or hand sanitizer.

Also, we are currently running a promotion to encourage customers to use MEL. Sign up for MEL today for a chance to win a $100 gift card!*

As we move through this new year and different situations, know that we are here to help you in any way we can. The first step is to give us a call or email us to find the right solutions to your situations. We are here to help.

For more information on ways to pay, billing options, or COVID-19 FAQs, visit us at  

Author Gleason DeLuca

Gleason DeLuca

Gleason DeLuca, a native of Horry County, has worked for Santee Cooper since 2004. She is a second-generation employee and grew up with a great appreciation for Santee Cooper and its employees. Gleason has held several positions working with customers and is excited about her new role focused on the customer experience, where she can use her skills to provide quality customer service to all Santee Cooper customers. Gleason, her husband and children (Mayson and Willow) live in Myrtle Beach and enjoy the beach, boating, traveling, working on home projects, and spending time with family and friends.

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