Energy Saving Tips for Building Your Backyard Oasis

Energy Saving Tips for Building Your Backyard Oasis

Energy Saving Tips for Building Your Backyard Oasis

Many of us are looking at ways to change and improve our everyday lives at home, and it’s important to consider things that might not come to mind when doing so – like your energy consumption.

One of my neighbors recently asked for my thoughts on installing a new spa in their backyard. Like most of us, they have been home a lot more and wanted to make their backyard a nice, little staycation get-away. My initial thoughts were that this is a wonderful idea and an opportunity for them to enjoy their home even more. But the Energy Advisor in me thought about all the costs associated with installing a spa or anything that might increase your electricity usage.

I know my neighbors like to conserve energy and are budget conscious, so I suggested some things to include on their list when shopping for their perfect backyard addition.

  1. Is there additional electricity required to operate your spa? If so, you should factor in the cost for a qualified electrician who can ensure a proper modification to your current electric service. 
  1. Will the spa be using solar or electrical energy to operate? Consider the monthly electricity costs for operating your spa, which requires energy for both heating and circulating the water. These functions can make a big difference in your everyday energy usage.
  1. Are there any rebates offered for choosing a more energy-efficient option for your spa or pool? Like most appliances and equipment, there are energy-efficient models and some utilities will offer a rebate to help offset the cost for choosing one. Santee Cooper offers rebates for pool equipment including heaters and motors.

My neighbors had a detailed budget but hadn’t considered some of these additional costs. I was happy I could help shed some light on them before they made the purchase.

If you are thinking about installing a spa, pool or other equipment to your home, give us a call. Santee Cooper has Energy Advisors who will be happy to discuss how much energy usage your new project will use. They will also be able to provide any current rebates you might qualify for to help with your new project cost.

Author Gleason DeLuca

Gleason DeLuca

Gleason DeLuca, a native of Horry County, has worked for Santee Cooper since 2004. She is a second-generation employee and grew up with a great appreciation for Santee Cooper and its employees. Gleason has held several positions working with customers and is excited about her new role focused on the customer experience, where she can use her skills to provide quality customer service to all Santee Cooper customers. Gleason, her husband and children (Mayson and Willow) live in Myrtle Beach and enjoy the beach, boating, traveling, working on home projects, and spending time with family and friends.

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