3 Energy Efficient Holiday Decorating Tips

3 Energy Efficient Holiday Decorating Tips

3 Energy Efficient Holiday Decorating Tips

‘Tis the season to hang holiday lights, set up magnificent inflatable scenes in the front yard, and cover mantles in festive decor. It’s a cheerfully bright season, but it can take a toll on your home’s energy usage if you get carried away with the cords. Of course, a lit tree or beautifully glowing front porch is a staple in kicking off the holidays. Just make sure to decorate with a few easy changes to keep your electric bill where you want it.

Here are our top three recommendations you can implement immediately to cut down on energy usage during the holidays. 

Use LED holiday lights

Old incandescent lights may be common, but they’ll cost you more in the long run. Using LED light strands and bulbs around your home uses 70% less energy and is also cooler, safer, more eco-friendly and brighter than the incandescents you’ve used before. Did you know, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, that up to 24 strings of LED lights can be connected without overloading a wall socket? They’re also brighter, but if you still like the incandescent look, shop for a “warm” color.

Set your timers

Limiting the time your holiday lights are on will significantly cut back on the power being used to light them, and a timer can save you the task of turning lights on and off daily. Setting a timer on your lights so they’re visible during peak times when neighbors and friends will see them means saving at least three-fourths of the energy they would be using if you left them on all day and night.

Get creative

Greenery and reflective decorations can make any home immensely more festive without even involving a power outlet. Ribbons, wreaths, garland, metals, tinsel and glitter require no energy usage and add tons of character for daytime or nighttime enjoyment. Your energy bill will look a lot nicer in January just by switching out bright lights for other sparkling options.

Being energy efficient when it comes to holiday decorations doesn’t mean cutting back on the visuals. The more the merrier, right? It’s simple to start using smarter swaps to make decorating more productive and less costly in the long run. Small changes in the products you use and habits you form in your home, especially around the holidays, will add up to making a big difference.

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